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A bet on Indirect would be profitable if Indirect at least equal. That is quite spacious, therefore the odds are also "only" 1.86. Asian Handicap Disabilities completely different than the European. The Asian handicap is the same game as option removed from the options. Same example, but now in an Asian variant.

The principle is almost the same as the European disability. Standard should still win with two goals difference and Indirect still has enough to draw. Why are the odds much less than the one described above. This is because notional draw is not possible. As Standard with a goal difference wins, the fictional score level, because Indirect a goal to get on (or Standard one off). The bookmaker will then return the deposit to the player.

You then no gain or loss. This is called 'push' and corresponds to the push at blackjack in the casino. The difficult part of the Asian handicap is the possibility that the disability may be, half a goal a quarter or a multiple thereof. words, -1.75, -0.25 and +1.25 is also all the possibilities. In addition, it is also a possibility +0! Best all confusing. The '-' or '+' 0.50 (or multiples thereof) but is not a problem. Logical reasoning should be enough to understand that a push now is not part of a fictional final result.

Among the possibilities A draw is namely just not possible. interesting point: if you plan to bet on a team that wins without an assigned handicap, always check that the odds are not better on a -0.50! Usually this saves a few cents per euro, but for actual deployment does not matter. Your team must win the game simply, whether one, two or three goals difference.

The is not very complicated to understand. If you just remember that a draw in an Asian handicap is not possible, and normally used for calculating the notional final result, you'll see pretty quickly that you get your money in a draw.