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About Sports Betting

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Betting on tennis In tennis, there are fewer types of opportunities to bet, for example in football. The bets that are possible we have explained in alphabetical order below. No. sets the name for this type of bet could not be simpler.

You predict will be before someone has won. Simply how many sets played a set with this type of bet you predict whether a player wins a set or not. It does not matter which set this is and whether that player also wins the match. Especially in smaller underdogs this is often a good bet. Odd / Even This refers to the number of games.

If the total is odd or even. Handicap In tennis, there is also handicap betting. There are two possibilities: Games: This is about the total number of games that are played. The underdog will get a number of games in the final results out (or favorite off - for more information see the article on Handicap betting ).

Over / Under bet type This is almost every sport. In tennis is about to predict whether the total number of games above or below a predetermined number is. Set This bet you determine which of the two players wins the set. It may be important to know who the first store has. Betting on this type of bet therefore is ideal for live betting .

Set exacta Here you predict the final outcome of a set. So not only who wins the set, but also by how much. For this there logically fourteen possibilities there are two players who can win so. Of course it is very difficult to predict, this well but the odds will therefore sure to be. Sets This type is not equal to the bet 'sets'. For this you need to predict the final score in sets. If two sets is sufficient for a victory are only four possible combinations. In this there are three sets of six. In the long term this is reasonable to play profitably. There are also variations on this bet. Thus, there are also options that you predict the outcome after two sets (if need be, for example, at least three won).