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Depending on this you decide whether taking out a smart bet or not. Before that, however, it is important to understand what odds actually mean. Otherwise you at no contest to assess whether the odds are good or not. And if you can not, you can not have a winning player.

Therefore this concept deserves extra attention. Notations There are basically five different ways of scoring the odds. We will discuss them below. We will also explain how from the different odds / notations expected rates (see this article ) can calculate. Decimal notation, is the most famous of all the easiest way of displaying the odds.

It is usually a decimal number with two decimal places and sometimes three. To determine the potential profit is, you multiply the bet with the odds. This is the amount that you can win. To convert a percentage of the expected odds one uses the formula: (1 / odds) * 100. These formulas have already been discussed in basic terms , in the interpretation of the term Odds.

The importance of the calculation of these percentages is there explained the concept of Value. U.S. format The American notation is a completely different way of scoring and therefore more complicated to understand. At the American notation, we use a '+' and '-' sign. Behind it is a number. This number is always more than one hundred.

A '+' means that the amount you behind it can win if you bet € 100. So a quotation of +310 means that you can make if you bet € 100 a gain of € 210. however, does not mean that you will make a loss if you would put on the other team - A '.

In the event that a tie is possible, the tie as a '+' noted. The tricky part is converting the odds for an expected rate. We use an example. Imagine that there is a football match between Club Bragger and Standard Liege.