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A 'Hot Combos So-called 'specials' offered by a bookmaker always sound very lucrative. There is often something along the lines of 'Lay € 10 and receive € 100' promoted. Apart from the question whether this is a smart bet, there is another problem that arises. Are the odds on offer but the true odds.

And if you have the correct bet, the big profits. But how accurate is this bet anyway, Below are the bets separately: Bayer Munich wins 3:00 Draw 3.20 Manchester United win 2:35 Demeter Barbate scored 2.88 If we put the same in a cumulative bet, we get the true odds 9.22. The difference with the promotion so here is € 0.72 per euro commitment to the detriment of the player!

That is quite an anomaly. You might say that you better yourself in a cumulative bet you place the bet, but unfortunately this is prohibited by the bookmaker. . The moment you combine these two bets, the system reports that it is not allowed yet a practical example, but here the principle works the other way.

Will all four sides win the first legs of Their last-eight ties. " In fact, the prediction is simply the favorites to win this match. The odds are separately below: Barcelona 2.30 1.40 Inter Milan Lyon 2.10 Manchester United 2.37 The cumulative odds in this case 16.03.  Now there is a benefit of € 0.97 per Euro bet. Also a large deviation, but in this case we see no problem. The funny thing is that the bookmaker in this case does allow you out a cumulative bet itself against worse odds, instead of accepting the promotion bet. It is therefore important that you take into account the difference between promotion and odds true odds. One time it will be another time in your disadvantage to your advantage.  A final note about specials and promotional odds:. promotional odds will often be at a disadvantage on the player when it comes to related entities in 2002 took place there a single dispute between a large group of players and some bookmakers.